This is an extraordinary year in 2020, the new crown virus, China's large-scale 5G pilots, and the spread of the economy. These new words gradually appeared in front of me. For my part, my personal blog has gone through many difficulties. , Finally came out. Facing such an extraordinary year, I want to use Chris Brogan's method to give me 2020 in three words
What are the details? It is those things that seem ordinary but very important. The success or failure of an event is often the result of some small things. Small things often play a major role. A detail can lead you to your destination, and it can also make you suffer from failure. Everything is composed of countless small details, and each one is very important. It is like an iron chain, composed of countless iron rings, no matter which iron ring is broken, the whole iron chain is useless.
After going through these several exams and in my daily life, I understand the importance of details. I think "details determine success or failure." It makes sense.
I view the word “practice” as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, practice is something you do. I'm very good at this aspect in that I'm disciplined in practicing the things I want to improve—like my health and fitness. And here I'd give myself an “A” in 2019.

As a noun, practice is any type of practice you do on a regular basis as an integral part of your life. For example, you might say I have a meditation practice, or I have a financial planning practice. So using practice as a noun is more about who you are than it is about what you do.

My objective in 2019 was to intentionally take more time to be “in” practice and not just “do” practice. In particular, I wanted to focus on improving my speaking skills and my writing skills. I think I did ok on both fronts.
There is one thing I am continuously working on and that is attempting to simplify things for myself and for others.

I consider myself to be pretty good at process improvement. I tend to look at things and I am always willing to commit to investing time and resources to make something a bit more simpler over time.

I am good at simplifying things for others but I usually struggle in simplifying things for my own self. I look at this website I see things I can make simpler. But once I start working on it I either leave those improvements halfway or find myself complicating things.

With some of my photography I felt at one point I might be over-editing them since I am not as good editing photos.

I am going to be working hard to simplifying my efforts.
I hope you also have three words that belong to you, and I also wish you and me as well.

这是2020年非同寻常的一年,新的冠状病毒,中国的大规模5G试点以及经济的蔓延。这些新词逐渐出现在我眼前。就我而言,我的个人博客遇到了许多困难。 ,终于出来了。面对如此非同寻常的一年,我想用克里斯·布罗根(Chris Brogan)的方法,用三个词来给我2020年
我认为“练习”一词既是动词又是名词。作为动词,练习是您要做的事情。我在这方面非常擅长,因为我训练有素,可以练习自己想改善的事情,例如健康和健身。在这里,我会在2019年给自己定一个“ A”。